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Available Courses

    • Next Exam, June 16th.  Click on the link to enroll using Paypal or debit/credit card through paypal. For wire transfer please consult.
    The OpenSIPS Certified Professional (OCP) credential shows clients and employers that you can design and implement SIP Proxy. The exam covers, installation, configuration and troubleshooting a SIP infrastructure. The exam is split in two parts.

    1. Qualification Written Test
    Duration: 60 minutes
    # of Questions: 70
    Minimum pass score: 75%

    2. Practicum Test
    After enrolling and passing the qualification test, you are enabled for the practicum test. In the date published (Jun 16th, 12:00PM UTC) the test and connection information to a virtual machine will be sent to you. You will have 4 hours to complete the practicum exam. It is similar to the final project of the OpenSIPS ebootcamp, but the score is 100. There are 70 points in mandatory requirements and 60 points in optional requirements. 
    Information about the VM used for the test:
    1. Debian 7, 1GB RAM, 10GB disk space
    2. MySQL pre-installed
    3. All OpenSIPS dependencies pre-installed
    4. Valid IP Address, No Firewall, SSH Access

    Are you ready?
    • Date March, 10th 2014
    • Click in the link and create a new account, then you can enroll using Paypal, debit or credit card. For wire transfer or group discounts please consult.

    The OpenSIPS 1.10 Bootcamp is a seven-week program providing in depth coverage of OpenSIPS Installation,configuration and Administration. All the knowledge that is transferred to you will be strongly backed-up by practice sessions. How does it work.
    • The Student and LAB Guides will be sent to your address.
    • Credentials will be provided for a cloud server(100h access)
    • Classes will be held online with web-conferencing
    • Twice a week, Monday and Wednesday at 15:00 GMT.
    • Class duration ranges from one up to two hours.
    • Labs can be executed by students at anytime in the cloud.
    • Approximately 2h per chapter for LABs.
    • Online support will be available once a week to debug the labs.
    • A forum will be available 24/7.
    • Week #1 Introduction to SIP/ Introduction to OpenSIPS
    • Week #2 Routing and Scripting Basics/Database Authentication
    • Week #3 OpenSIPS Control Panel/Connectivity to PSTN
    • Week #4 Integration to a media server/SIp Presence
    • Week #5 Load balancing and HA/SIP NAT Traversal
    • Week #6 Accounting-CDR/Monitoring Tools
    • Week #7 Final Project/Grading and Certificate Emission

    Questions: bootcamp at

Site news

Picture of Administrator eBootcamp
Ebootcamp session on 4th of November
by Administrator eBootcamp - Tuesday, 17 September 2013, 10:53 AM
Last Ebootcamp session for 2013 is scheduled to start on 4th of November, covering OpenSIPS 1.9 .

This is the OpenSIPS eLearning initiative. Here you will find eLearning and certification testing for OpenSIPS.

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