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    Available courses

    OpenSIPS quickstart as the name says is a preliminary Video on Demand Class for the OpenSIPS Bootcamp. As we learned from the last 8 years, there are different levels of expertise on any group of students. While some may already know SIP and the basics of OpenSIPS. many still need some basic understanding of SIP routing. In this training you will learn:

    • SIP in depth
    • OpenSIPS Case Scenarios
    • OpenSIPS Architecture
    • OpenSIPS Installation
    • OpenSIPS Basic Scenario with Two Phones and a Gateway


    This live online training is intended to offer you a 50/50 view of theoretical and practical applications of OpenSIPS. It covers advanced topics that are critical to telecom network operators in regards to security, scaling, and integration. For participants that would like an introduction to OpenSIPS basics and to qualify for prerequisites there is the course "OpenSIPS Quick Start".

    1. How it works

    Method: Live conference+Labs+Final project 


    The training will be conducted during two weeks with two hour sessions per day. Please, allocate a few additional hours per day for labs after the session. Classes are held online using Youtube Live Events. You will receive an invitation for the live session everyday. 

    2. Instructors

    Bogdan Andrei Iancu, Main Project Developer

    Flavio E. Goncalves, Author of the book "Building Telephony Systems with OpenSIPS".

    3. Prerequisites:

    You should have completed the "OpenSIPS Quick Start or have equivalent knowledge before enrolling in this training. 

    4. Training Materials:

    1. Book, "Building Telephony Systems with OpenSIPS" you can buy the book or ebook directly from Packt publishing.
    2. A Lab guide will be provided in PDF. Slides won't be provided. 
    3. Virtual Machine with Debian, OpenSIPS compiled and OpenSIPS control panel previously installed

    Hardware required: PC laptop with 4GB of RAM, the computer should support Youtube. 

    5. Hours:

    Duration: 2 hours

    Start at 15:00 GMT (UTC), Please check your timezone and daylight savings

    6. Session Descriptions 

    #1 - April 11th - Routing and Scripting Language

    #2 - April 12th - Database Integration and Web Interface 

    #3 - April 13th - Integration with PSTN

    #4 - April 14th - Implementing Class V and PBX features

    #5 - April 15th - Sip Presence/Dialog Module

    #6 - April 18th - HA, Balancing and Clustering

    #7 - April 19th - Accounting and Billing

    #8 - April 20th - OpenSIPS Security

    #9 - April 21th - WebRTC Support

    #10 - April 22th - Final Project

    #11 - May 1st - Graduation with Final Project Results

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